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Studio photography isn't something I tend to cover too much, mainly location shoots work better for me creatively, but with the Profoto lighting set up of the B1 and B2 todays rock group photo session was a good chance to test the lighting in a controlled environment. The requirement were a mixture of individual portraits and a selection of group photos, using primarily the Sigma 85mm 1.4 art lens for the individual images and a two lighting set up worked really well. I use the honeycomb attachments on either light depending on how controlled I want the light to be, generally with rock bands the lights tends to be a bit moodier and subtle.

The beauty of the Profoto lighting is no trailing leads, the B2 had battery pack attached but this is easily secured on the lighting stand and portable and light enough to move around with ease. Joe will use the photos on the bands social media pages and for upcoming gig posters. The next shoot with the band will involve some American hot rods!
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