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Drivetribe has been up and running for a few weeks now and is updated by contributors called Tribe leaders, my own page is Auto Togs, full of car photography past and present. It is essentially a facebook social media site for the automotive world, whether your in to Ferraris, European road trips, photography or literally anything to do with classic and performance cars/bikes then this is a one stop place. It's early days yet but with you being able to add comments on most pages it is proving to be an interactive site that is bringing people together from around the globe, you can also "bump" a post that you find informative.

I have my own page and then from that you can add a tribe, this then can be shared and promoted by other social media platforms to promote your work or other pages you find of interest. As you can imagine Clarkson and co have the most followers on the site, adding their thoughts for the day and also talking about other fun and interesting facts/opinions. For me the addition of Jethro Bovingdon and Henry Catchpole from EVO magazine is a sign that this will eventually be a fully blown online magazine, whether it will support advertising is yet to be seen but early signs for Drivetribe are very good. The app has just been released and makes the site a lot more interactive and easier to use and promote your work and others. Please follow me on Auto Togs as I am updating the page regularly, 2017 will also bring together some amazing new car shoots.
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