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Morley College is situated on the boundary of Lambeth and Southwark, within close proximity of Westminster Bridge and Waterloo station. The photography for the College website today would cover a wide range of subjects that they offer, these included ballet, drama, languages, music and sculpture. With their being fourteen different areas to cover over an eight hour period it was a busy day, I packed light with the two Nikon cameras and a 14-24mm on the D810 and a 70-200mm on the D4S, the telephoto provides great flexibility around classrooms and allows me to work from a good distance so the lessons aren't interrupted.

The brief was to capture the variety of courses and students on the day, I also had to capture the spaces on offer as the College is spread over a number of buildings, all within a short walk from the main campus. All of the lighting was natural without any artificial light sources, generally all the rooms were very well lit with a number having large windows or large reflective surfaces. Look forward to seeing the photos appear on the website soon, a second visit is booked in during the New Year to capture staff and other courses that are on offer at Morley College in London.
BLOG 2016