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This DB9 GT was a clients purchase, he replaced his standard DB9 with it as he was;t won over with the slightly more aggressive design of the new DB11. This car is up on power over the standard model, 540 PS, 6 litre V12 and some great detailing inside. I was limited to location for this first shoot so decided to use the 105mm macro lens for some abstract images, I can't think their are many better cabins to shoot then an Aston Martin. Some really nice touches, leather backed paddle controls, beautiful stitching of the Aston logo in the headrest and the metallic quantum silver really gives it that classic GT look.

One of my favourite images was of the bonnet vents of the Aston GT, I used the Profoto B1 light to lift the shadow areas of the slats as I was shooting downwards and against the low bright sunlight. By underexposing with the manual settings it allowed the light of the B1 to give it a detailed and sharp look, the lens used for this image was the 24-70mm. Looking forward to a location shoot with the GT very soon.
BLOG 2016