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Steeped in history the Ostrich hotel has been modernised in a very subtle way, the designers have maintained the charm and character of the building where the exposed beams and feature fireplaces are at the heart of the restaurant and lounge areas.

Dating from 1106, The Ostrich is in a prime location near Heathrow airport, it has some great photographic areas that include beams, fireplaces, crooked stairs, a cobbled courtyard and an interesting history, this includes a bed that had a lever that dropped unwanted guests in to a coffin in the cellar! Rumours of a ghost in the building have been around for hundreds of years as a consequence, didn't see one today though!

The photography on the launch day for the hotel covers a wide range of areas, detailed images of the features of the hotel, staff and customers enjoying the atmosphere of the surroundings along with interior and exterior photos of the property. Due to the vast range of images needed I used a few lenses, mainly the 20mm and 50mm prime lenses with the 14-24mm for the building photography.
BLOG 2016