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Finished in Venture Orange the McLaren 540C looks every bit like its 570, 650 more powerful brothers, stunning. The angles of every sports car the British company produce are exquisite and stand out against their Italian rivals. Although the car is aerodynamically designed, the flow and angles make the car look aggressive, just what you want from a 540 Bhp super car. I found that whilst photographing the car due to its wide rear end the 50mm prime lens worked best, this way everything was in proportion and not over exaggerated.

The setting of Dreamland in Margate worked well with the colour scheme of the McLaren, making the car really stand out against the rides and urban backdrops. Lighting was just with a single Profoto B1, although slightly overcast the lighting worked well with the orange and contrasting black inserts, the black wheels made light placement crucial as these need to pop out in the photos.

The 540C sits below 570S in McLaren’s new Sports Series range of models. It has been priced from £126,000, some £17,250 less than the more powerful 570S, and brings McLaren closer to more ‘mainstream’ sports cars such as the Audi R8 and Porsche 911.

The 540C uses a 533bhp version of the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine used in the 570S, in which it develops 562bhp. Peak power arrives at 7500rpm in the 540C and maximum torque of 398lb ft is available between 3500rpm and 6500rpm. The ‘540’ name refers to the engine’s output in metric horsepower, which is 540hp. Although this is the baby of the range it's 0-62mph time is put at 3.5sec, the 0-124mph time is 10.5sec and the top speed is 199mph, it pretty much beats most cars it's pitched up against. Stunning car, great location and nice to cover a car shoot with two British sports cars, thanks to fellow pro Nick Simmonds for arranging the location.
BLOG 2016