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The political debate event was hosted by CEFEUS Director Dr Amelia Hadfield, the speakers included Professors and Doctors who specialise in political and European affairs. The speakers were then set up as a panel answering questions from members of the audience. The photography brief was to cover the guests speaking individually, guests networking and the panel debate, very much in the vein of Question Time, as this centered on Europe and Britain's role in the European Union it was an interesting event to be involved in. Stephen Fidler who is the Brussels Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal done a great job of moderating the evenings debate and Q&A session.

Their were plenty of questions from the packed audience, with Brexit an uncertainty the panel answered the questions in a concise and logical way. Had a lot of fun using the 50mm prime lens again, this is almost going to be a permanent addition in the kit bag now, great in low light and reminds me of the early days of photography when it would have been the only focal length lens that I had.
BLOG 2016