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The British Edition F Type is unique inside and out with subtle Union Flag detailing, British Design Edition combines the sophisticated driving technologies of F-TYPE S with many performance-inspired features of F-TYPE R. Available in All Wheel Drive automatic transmission, this special F-TYPE delivers Jaguar’s exhilarating power, state-of-the-art handling and cutting-edge technology.

Finished in Ultra Blue metallic dthe F Type really stands out, especially against the variety of backdrops at Dreamland theme park, to my mind the car is one of the most photogenic and stunning looking sports cars on th market today, especially in coupe form. The addition of the new colour also makes the car look the part, especially with the 20" cyclone grey 5 spoke alloys. I used the Profoto B1 lighting set up for all of the exterior photos, lens wise the 50mm Sigma art lens and the 24-70mm 2.8 were used. I've been using the 50mm prime for a lot of editorial work recently and due to the amount of space at the theme park wanted to shoot with this piece of glass for the Jaguar, the wider 24-70 was used for the McLaren.

The McLaren images will follow later on this week, really enjoyed shooting the two cars at a different and varied location, the theme park was perfect and with it not belong open to the public myself and Nick had complete freedom of the site. The weather was mix of sun and light rain but added to the overall atmosphere of the location and cars. A big thank you to Barretts Jaguar for the loan of the F Type British Edition, if you have a spare £75,625 they are available to order for a limited time.
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