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The International Council of Music Authors (CIAM) was founded in 1966 to promote professional, cultural, economic and legal interests and provide a voice for authors globally. The congress took place at the Radisson blu hotel in Bloomsbury, London. I was covering the first days photography with colleague Tim Stubbings attending the Wednesday seminars. Our brief was to capture the venue, attendees and key speeches from the industry experts to room of leading artists, composers and musicians.

Their was a very relaxed feel to the event although the speeches were touching on the ever changing world of music, now in a digital age where copyright is a key area that needs protecting from an artists point of view. The light inside the main conference room was aided by natural window light coming through from one side, the sunshine filtering through created a soft glow in to the room. I used mainly the 70-200mm and 50mm prime, the zoom allows freedom to roam around without interrupting the speakers or audience, with the 50mm prime its low light capabilities gave me the option to get in closer when the attendees were networking and discussing the content from the speakers.
BLOG 2016