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Photography for Brooklands Museum was not just needed to update some of the key changes due to the restructuring of the aircraft and start finish straight but also for a brand new website which will be launched later this month, being photo orientated the images had to be shot wide and show the facilities and key areas that are on display at Brooklands Museum. The list was quite extensive that I had and included photos of various aircraft, exterior and internal images, the bus museum, customers enjoying the vast array of activities at the museum, plus also some empty scenic shots which didn't have people in, these will act as backdrops on the website where text can be overlaid.

I used the D810 along with the flexible 14-24mm wide angle zoom and a tripod, this allowed for the photos of the locations to be full of detail, also the tripod came in handy for the interiors of the planes and some of the museum pieces.
BLOG 2016