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Good wood is famous for its revival and festival of speed, the circuit has seen many famous racing legends attack it over the years and track days are always popular for novices and fully seasoned racing drivers to attend, todays was organised by the Brooklands Members Trust and with just under 40 cars from all eras it was going to be an enjoyable day.

Although I was attending the track day the camera was in tow, track day photography at Goodwood is always great fun, I decided to use the D810 and 50mm Sigma 1.4 art lens, primes are always great to work with and the access to the straights at Goodwood are always good so anything to powerful in terms of telephotos lenses is wasted. Also with the sessions flowing throughout the day I could only stay near the pit straight as I was in and out of the car for the track sessions. I expected a variety of cars in attendance today for the Goodwood track day, AC Cobras, Aston DBS, Jaguar XK120 in racing livery and on to the modern Alfa 4C, BMW M4 and a stunning Jaguar F Type in forehand metallic. Favourite car on track was a lovely 1970's silver 911, it looked right at home on track and against the autumn colours.
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