BLOG 2016


Over the course of the Summer and now Autumn I have been photographing a large number of pubs across the South for Faversham based brewery Shepherd Neame, the photos are going to be used for the companies new website which will be launched in November...
Social media has made a big impact on photography in recent years as the clients and designers now request wider images, this then enables them to use the photos as banners and also from the large files the ability to crop in on the photographs. As most of the photos are taken in the evening and in older style pubs with beams and low ceilings the choice of lens plays a key part, using a 20mm prime wide angle Nikon lens fits the bill perfectly, with an aperture of F1.8 it works effortlessly in low light. The beauty of digital is the flexibility of changing the ISO shot by shot, this then allows for more atmospheric images and creates a warmth to the image.

The pubs that I have photographed cover the breadth of the South, going from Guildford to Essex, most recently Sussex and North Kent have been the areas that have been highlighted as these are more High Street and country pubs, well suited to this time of year. Due to the nights drawing in the exterior images have been taken using long exposures and a tripod, some with traffic trails to add a sense of drama to the overall image.