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The Skyline and Supra are the most iconic Japanese sports cars ever made, the fact that Nissan have destroyed the super car fraternity with their GTR over the years shows just how advanced the manufacturer has taken a tried and tested formula and made it in to a powerful and useable every day car. Toyota are in the process of bringing back the Supra, in its day it was the more elegant car to come out of Japan, Single or twin turbo models made it a powerful piece of kit and even to this day it still looks great. The third car in the group was a Ford Racing Puma, a more hardcore version of the successful mini coupe that was a great success with the press and customers.

Car photography locations tend to be more geared towards static shots, with three cars I wanted some open areas and this time last year Ashdown Forest was a location for BMW specialist Munich Legends, with the autumn leaves coming out I knew the backdrop and open roads of the area would be ideal to get some motion and set up photos of the three cars. The day was overcast so by eliminating the sky and lighting with a single Profoto B1 against the autumn trees worked as a backdrop. Each car had some nice interior details as well, especially the racing seats in the Skyline and Puma and with the aid of the B1 light added some dramatic lighting to the final images.
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