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Hernhill is situated just outside of Canterbury and Faversham, the Red Lion with its 13th century charm is now being promoted as a wedding venue. The photography shoot was set up with husband and wife along with all of the little details that transform the large dining area upstairs in the pub to a bespoke function room. The brief from the designer was to incorporate the beams and character of the Red Lion and also to incorporate the church opposite, although the weather was a mix of sunshine and heavy showers the gaps in between the rain allowed for some exterior photos of the couple and also the Jaguar XF which was in the background as the wedding car.

In terms of lighting the ever dependable Profoto B1 was used, it also added some much needed light to lift the overall images, for the interior photo the 14-24mm wide angle zoom lens was used fixed on a tripod to capture the large expanse of oak beams. Looking forward to seeing the final brochure for the venue which will be designed by local design agency Alpaca Creative.
BLOG 2016