BLOG 2016


Ferrari owner Enzo Ferrari named the Dino after his son and heir to the car empire. The "Dino" marque was created to market a lower priced, "affordable" sports car capable of taking on the Porsche 911. Ferrari's expensive V12s well exceeded the 911 in both performance and price. Enzo did not want to diminish his exclusive brand with a cheaper car, so the "Dino" was created...
This beautiful Dino 246GT was first supplied to Peter Noone of the pop band Hermans Hermits in the summer of 1972. The car then passed through two more owners before being purchased by its current owner, who commissioned a full and sympathetic restoration through Kent based Italian car specialists Barkaways, it has its first ever appearance after the work at last weekends Salon Prive car show which took place at the historic Blenheim Palace. The car was awarded best in class in the European grand tourers section, and rightly so as the car looks stunning in its new paintwork.

I photographed the car a month ago and the photos have been held back since due to its unveiling at the Salon Prive concours d'elegance show, some subtle lighting courtesy of the Profoto B1 flash just added an extra element to the car. It is so refreshing to see a Ferrari in a different colour as opposed to the Reds and yellows that often grace the Dino's. The 70-200mm Nikon 2.8 lens is always my favourite lens for car photography shoots, it also minimises reflections as you are a distance away from the subject.