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Guildford is the location for the Shere Hill climb and with in excess of 135 cars and motorcycles covering three runs up the mile long course myself and fellow pro Nick were going to be kept busy, the weather stayed dry with some dramatic skies adding to the atmosphere on the day. We both split up just to make sure that e were not crossing each other paths, some general images of each car at the start of the climb were taken on the first run, we then covered some action images at the midway section, this gave some nice panoramic views of the countryside and also allowed later in the day for some wider paying images adding a sense of speed to highlight just how quickly most of the cars were attacking the course.

As well as the action photos of the cars in motion we took some general setting the scene photos, at an occasion like this everyone is is in their element, looking at some truly fantastic cars, seeing a smart car with scissor doors next to a Ford GT40 just shows some of the diversity. We both used a 70-200mm lens and in addition on the second camera bodies a wide zoom, 14-24mm and 17-40mm. The event to date (not including this year) has raised over £41,000 for the designated charities, and with yesterdays attendance up by 15% it should be a record year.

The next hill climb takes place on 3rd September 2017. Applications for entry will open in early March 2017. Photographs from the event can be purchased from Visit photoalbumboutique/sherehill
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