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Portraits for companies can cover a vast range of scenarios, plain backdrops against a white wall are the normal setting for corporate headshots. Rather then just using the plain background I covered three settings for each member of staff, this included the standard white wall, a corridor which had some warm reflected light bouncing off of the glass windows from a skylight and the third setting utilising some stock images of canvases that highlighted the various areas that each member specialised in.

Wherever possible I like to use the 70-200mm 2.8 lens, it's great for throwing the background out and also less intimidating for the subject as you are not right on top of them. The only addition to the natural window light was the trig rip last olive ref elector which lit up the shadow areas and also lifts the eyes up. If you are looking to have a set of corporate portraits for your company, whether in london or further afield please get in touch with me.
BLOG 2016