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Foxwood and Highview school has just been completely rebuilt in to a state of the art secondary school, with all of the latest technology throughout the building it is due to open for the start of the new term. I had been commissioned by AEB furniture to photograph some of the work stations and cupboards that had been installed throughout the building, as the work was still being completed by other contractors a number of selected rooms were set up for me to get a few configurations in different classrooms.

For the furniture photography I used the 14-24mm 2.8 Nikon lens, as space in some areas was limited the wide perspective gave me flexibility to move in close up to the furniture, showing the spaces that it covered. I also took some close up detail images of the handles and hinges that were used along with some exterior photos of the school itself, these will show up in AEB's website as a case study for future promotions.
BLOG 2016