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The new Aero 8 is a revelation compared to the previous model, build quality is superb and the mix of traditional wood and leather in the cabin makes for a very special place. The Aero has a BMW 4.8 litre V8 engine, this car was mated to a six speed manual gearbox which was an absolute joy to drive, the torque is immense and pulls along so freely. With 367 bhp and a weight of just over 1100 kilos this is a seriously fast car, seeing that vast bonnet up ahead with the dome headlight surrounds is pure driving pleasure and for me this beats all of the electronic trickery of the supercar fraternity hands down.

The photography shoot took place eat the stunning Eastwell Manor hotel which is just outside of Ashford in Kent, the setting could not have been more perfect for this English GT car, the vivid pearlescent blue really stood out in the afternoon sun and with the addition of the Profoto B1 flash made the curves on the Aero even more prominent. Lens wise I used the 24-70mm, the Aero 8 is a big car and I wanted to accentuate its lines on some of the shots with a subtle wide angle lens, the 2.8 lens also worked for the interior detail photos. Looking forward to covering some more classic sports car photography for Brands Hatch Morgan very soon.
BLOG 2016