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The Plus 4 Plus (or + 4 +) was Morgan’s attempt at introducing a technologically advanced model that incorporated modern styling, closed coachwork, and fibreglass construction all at the same time. The Plus 4 Plus was introduced at the 1963 Earls Court Motor Show, though it was not greeted by the anticipated warm reception. Accordingly, production of the model ceased at just 26 examples over three years, which was just over half of the anticipated production run of 50 cars. Although the streamlined coupé body was a radical departure from the traditional models produced by the Morgan Motor Company, it boasted a lithe weight of only 816 kilograms and a top speed around 185 km/h, as well as more interior space and legroom.

This 1964 model year example, chassis A5558, left the Morgan factory on 24 December 1963 as the fifth Plus 4 Plus of the 26 examples ever to be built. The Morgan was destined for Sterne’s Garage in Vancouver, British Colombia. As a North American-specification example, it came equipped with wire wheels, disc brakes, and a wood-rimmed steering wheel, and it was finished in black with a red leather interior.

The original owner of the car was George Beatty “G.B.” Sterne, who was arguably known as “Mister Morgan” of Western Canada and the United States Pacific Northwest. In late 1956, Sterne became the official Morgan concessionaire for all of Western Canada. To promote the Morgan brand, G.B. and his son, Bob, competed in hundreds of races at dozens of tracks and reportedly accumulated hundreds of trophies under their belts.

Chassis A5558 would remain with Mr Sterne until 18 June 1974, when it was sold to Dr David Reid of Princeton, British Columbia. The mileage reading at the time was approximately 23,000, and it continued to be regularly used by Dr Reid after he repainted it in Robin’s Egg Blue.

The classic car photography took place on the South Downs, a splendid back drop which worked well with this classic British icon. Time was very limited with this car and all photos were taken with natural light, it was a perfect day in terms of lighting with some cloud cover so the sun wasn't too bright on the car. The photos will be used by RM Sotheby's for next months auction in Battersea in London where the photos will be online and also in the catalogue.
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