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The Fiat 500 was a city car which was produced by the Italian manufacturer Fiat between 1957 and 1975. Launched as the Nuova (new) 500 in July 1957,it was a cheap and practical town car. Measuring only 2.97 metres (9 feet 9 inches) long, and originally powered by an appropriately sized 479 cc two-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the 500 redefined the term "city car" and is considered one of the first city cars. Of course the UK competition the Mini went on to become one of the most famous cars ever produced, remember the Italians were there first!

In 2007, the 50th anniversary of the Nuova 500's launch, Fiat launched another new 500, stylistically inspired by the 1957 Nuova 500 but considerably heavier and larger, featuring a front-mounted engine and front-wheel drive. Today the Abarth model shown is powered by a 1.4 supercharged engine producing 135 bhp, the original was around 13 bhp! Initially I was going to photograph the original 500 and wasn't expecting a new version to be literally opposite the smaller red icon. Some careful positioning and the two looked great together, what a contrast and the red and white worked so well together. Using the Profoto B1 added some fill in light and depth to the image, plus lifting the shadows always gives more of a punch to the image.

It's pretty fair to say that the difference between the cars over 50 years is vast, but if you drive either one they will put a big smile on your face. Many thanks to James and Ben who own the cars for letting me photograph them together, by the way the pair are often seen driving around in Ferraris so a great accolade that they both have a 500 as their daily run around.
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