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Countrystyle recycle a vast range of products and offer services covering waste collection, organic treatment, wood and plasterboard recycling plus bulk haulage as well. The photography brief today was to capture the staff at work and also some wide images which could be used for a trade show that is coming up in a couple of months time, with this in mind I used two wide angle lens to capture as much of the facilities and vehicles as possible, the 14-24mm covered most of the images shown.

I was conscious that with the large vehicles and the fact that I was working on a busy site that is pretty much non stop day and night that lighting was going to be an issue, so using the Profoto B1 portable flash with 500 watts of power would provide the solution. What artificial lighting provides as well is the ability to under expose the scene whilst adding as little or as much fill in flash that's required. The next shoot will be covering the wood yard and some more vehicle photography around the Kent areas.
BLOG 2016