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Porsche 911 Turbo produces just over 400 bhp and with the large rear wing is one of the most recognisable models from the Stuttgart factory. The rear arches accentuate the width of the car and were an important part not to exaggerate in the car photographs, set at the owners home in Ightham, Kent. A great setting and with one of the hottest days of the year sunshine was bursting through, balanced with a Profoto B1 flash to light the shaded areas and also to highlight the detailed areas from some close up work.

The 911 Turbo got a twin-turbo flat-six plus hollow-spoke aluminium wheels and standard four-wheel drive. Fearsomely fast, some criticised it for being too capable. It’s still the one to go for and used values for classic Porsches are going through the roof at the moment, partly due to new models being sold before they hit the showrooms, one example if the Cayman GT4 which are almost doubling in value compared to their original new car prices.

The 911 Turbo was one of three cars photographed today, more on the other two cars over the next few days. I've always had an affinity with Porwches and this 993 model finished in arena red and with just over 30,000 miles is one of my favourite cars I've photographed this year, I was also amazed at the condition which was immaculate, even down to the cassette holders.
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