BLOG 2016


Friday morning and an early visit to photograph Mark Stubb and his team at Wheelers Oyster Bar in Whitstable, the client that had booked me for the job were McCabe Ford Williams accountants who have had the sea food bar as its client for many years...
Wheelers Oyster Bar was founded in 1856 by a man called Richard Leggy Wheeler who started as a Dredger Man and by 1850 was a Master Mariner in his own right. In 1856 his entrepreneurial spirit got the better of him and Wheelers Oyster Bar was born. Much later in 1929, a man named Bernard Walsh opened up Wheelers in Old Compton Street, London which went on to be the flag ship for a group of restaurants called Wheelers throughout London. Wheelers Oyster Bar in Whitstable is still standing to this day, steeped with 156 years of history, unlike its counter parts in London who sadly diminished over the years leaving us to be the first and the last one standing.

Wheelers Oyster Bar has a great advantage of being on the coast and gets the very freshest produce delivered to its doors on a daily basis, locally sourced lobsters, Rye bay scallops, crabs, sea bass and the famous Whitstable oysters. In the Summer Wheelers will open up a unique dining experience as it is having a restaurant built on to the back of its premises. Mark also runs cookery schools as well teaching how to prepare some amazing tasting seafood dishes.

MFW accountants will use the photographs from the Wheelers session for their quarterly newsletter which goes out to all of their staff and clients, i'm sure a return visit will be on the cards once the restaurant is fully completed.