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Over the last few weeks I have started to visit the pubs over the weekends, fortunately the Summer is starting to take shape and with such a large number of pubs in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and London to photograph its very much a case of getting the ball rolling and capturing the character of the pubs, staff and customers.

Shepherd Neame are having a new layout for their pub websites so the brief was to get as many images as wide as possible, generally I like to use a 50mm prime 1.8 due to the low light in the pubs, or 24-70mm which captures the interior and exteriors nicely without too much distortion. After a meeting and seeing the layout required I invested in a prime 20mm Nikon F1.8 wide angle, really makes you work in a different way and the lens if super sharp even wide open, it is also very light so gives a really good balance with the heavy body of the D4S, and also is no weight at all on a tripod when mounted to the D810 body.
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