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The Law Training Centre Kent (LTC) is a fully accredited CILEx Lawyer Qualifications Study Centre. Located on the University of Kent campus in Canterbury, LTC is within easy reach for learners in Kent. LTC delivers Classroom based and Distance Learning courses with qualified tutor support and guidance. The LTC Employability Partnership with Kent firms provides excellent employment and networking opportunities for our learners.

Dino and Eve Dullish are the owner of LTC and were after some new portraits and working environment photos to refresh their website and also update the company social media pages. One thing that always makes corporate portraits stand out are colours, and Eve wearing a vibrant blue suit really made her stand out in the companies office. Dino and Eve were very relaxed in front of the camera and also at ease when they had some clients come in for some training. I used the 70-200mm lens and a reflector for the photos, it allowed me to roam around their office and capture some formal and informal portraits for the Law Training Centre Kent. I was impressed to see that the company website had already been updated minutes after I sent the images over.
BLOG 2016