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Whitstable Harbour was the location for a 1970's Sunbeam Rapier coupe, when Joe's partner turned up in her new Abarth 595 it added another dimension to the shoot, I wanted to make sure the images looked different to the classic car and used a more industrial part of the ovation. The Abarth. 1.4 Turbo T-Jet with 145 HP, is a great looking car, the bubble shape works well with a wide angle lens as it doesn't look too distorted, plus using the 14-24mm lens on the Nikon D810 full frame camera low down adds a meaner look to the mini hot hatch. I used a single Nikon SB-910 flash gun as artificial lighting, portable and perfect on a bright summer evening to add some fill in light on the Abarth.

The Fiat 595 has some nice details inside and out, a sports gauge and carbon fibre detailing are nice details to pick up. I also used the end of the jetty at Whitstable Harbour to position the car, against a fading sun and a little fill in flash the low down angle gave a more aggressive stance to the Abarth, also the white paintwork stood out prominantly against the different backdrops for the car photography in Whitstable, Kent.
BLOG 2016