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Rootes introduced the "Arrow" range in 1967, a Sunbeam Rapier Fastback coupé model was introduced but overshadowed by Ford's Capri, the iconic blue oval car sold in bucket loads which makes the Rapier a rarer model. In 1969, a cheaper, slightly slower and more economical version of the Rapier (still sold as a sporty model) was badged as the new Sunbeam Alpine. This is the very car that Joe inherited and to my mind looked like a British scaled down version of the US Mustang.

I haven't photographed one of these cars before so it was good to combine it with the Harbour where I had been granted permission to use the day before, weather was perfect and the paintwork really popped against the industrial and beach landscapes. I used the 70-200mm lens as I didn't want to distort the lines of the car, it is quiet a long and narrow car and buy using a wide angle this wouldn't work, in contrast the Fiat 500 Abarth photographed afterwards was taken with the wider end of the 24-70mm lens, being smaller and more compact. It was important that the scenery complimented the car so I ended up spoilt for choice with the various settings, no lighting was used just the sunlight which was starting to dip just after 6pm and create softer and more balanced light for the car photography in Whitstable, Kent.
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