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The Instagram competition was open to a worldwide audience and I was chuffed to have won with my Porsche Cayman and Hublot watch combination. The photograph was taken in January with my friend Rob's watch and Porsche Cayman, this was on loan from Porsche Tunbridge as his 911 was in for a service, so an opportune time to do a car shoot. The image was taken at the end of the session and Rob asked to get a shot of the combo, so a collaboration which worked well for the Christopher Ward watches competition.

The car and watch photograph was taken with the D4S and 70-200mm lens, using the window to the right of the frame added a reflection which creates a blur and movement to the final scene. Motorsport magazine added on their comments "Technically very good. Depth of filed is well controlled and watch is nice and sharp. It also has a sense of movement in the way he's about to change gear. The lighting puts the emphasis on the watch and the reflection on the watch face gives a nice little highlight"
BLOG 2016