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London is always a busy place especially when the sun si shining so after some classroom photography and portraits of staff and students I set off with half a dozen International students and the Bell marketing team, we used Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as key backdrops, the sun was over powering so I had to balance the subject with some fill in flash, this then with a shallow depth of field gave a soft feel to the image, I also covered some generic London images which can be used on the website and in the forthcoming prospectus.

The classroom photos were a variety of portraits and documentary imagery with the need to shoot in landscape and wide as these will be used for web and Facebook banners, the 24-70mm lens worked well for this as at 24mm it is not too wide and allows to be cropped in. Lighting inside the Bell school was just through natural light. Once the images have been narrowed down by the marketing team they will then appear own the forthcoming brochures, the include the recent Cambridge and St Albans education photography that I have covered.
BLOG 2016