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The Girls’ Choir has already performed at events of significance in the Cathedral. These include the service held to mark the twentieth anniversary of the ordination of women priests and that for the consecration of the Bishop of Europe. More recently they sang at a service of dedication and unveiling of two royal statues, attended by HM the Queen and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, and the consecration service for the first female diocesan bishop.

The photography took place at Canterbury Cathedral last weekend on a glorious Summer afternoon, with twenty four of the girl's in attendance the brief was to capture a variety of different group photograph, these will be used by the Cathedral for promoting the choir and for other publicity purposes. I had a recce a few days prior to the shoot, this gave me a chance to see different locations and also where the sun would be, knowing the weekend was going to be sunny and with very little cloud cover made the setting key to the shoot. With the sun behind the choir for most of the shots I used the Profoto B1 flash, with 500 watts and the freedom to move it to any location it would give plenty of lighting where required. The bottom photo was the safe image, Cathedral in the background and a low vantage point to show the full group of choristers, a large tree kept the girls' in the shade its the B1 lighting up the group evenly.
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