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IMOS Foundation has set up a unique exhibition that is part of a small Kent-based arts charity, founded and directed by Kent alumna Briony Kapoor, sent artists to paint the portraits of their EU compatriots. An example of European fellow feeling in action, the result is a brilliant exhibition which tethers the notion of a greater Europe to its people. The exhibition really does show the diversity in artists styles of painting and how they perceive each subject.

An artist was sent to each of the twenty eight countries of the Union, their brief was to find a European from that country and paint their portrait. They were given a guide as to gender and age then asked to work simply with someone whose face caught their eye and who was ameanable to the project.

The photography brief was to capture the people attending the opening and capturing the networking and viewing of this impressive selection of portraits, the images will be used for press and online media use. The exhibition is free to attend and is on display all day, seven days a week in the Colyer-Fergusson. Catalogues are available to purchase and visitors are invited to take part in an interactive quiz.
BLOG 2016