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Audi produced the most powerful and fastest hatchback last year, 362 bhp and an advertising promotion that showed the RS3 racing through woodlands with the original Quattro from the 80's, with that in mind for once I had a location on the doorstep for the car photography shoot with Oliver's new white RS. Recently the woodlands had been cleared around Thornden Woods, just at the back of Herne and with the right view point I could get a similar location image to tie in with the Audi advert, their launch colour was red but on a bright sunny day the white pops out nicely. The woodland area also provided some good location and panning opportunities, always nice to hear a fast cars exhaust popping and echoing from a distance away.

One of the best designed seats for me is the RS quilted leather sports seats, they are not just comfortable but great to photograph, especially when used with the Profit B1 flash which creates a dramatic look to the embossed RS3 logo and the diamond patterning. In recent months Mercedes have upgraded the AMG A45 which now produces 380 bhp, and the Ford Focus RS undercuts the RS3 quiet substantially price wise and with handling and performance that is on a par with the Audi. It is a fast and subtle looking car though and residually will be much stronger then the competition in years to come, plus the kudos of the Quattro badge is always a great selling point for Audi.
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