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I met company Director David Martin at the property in Essex, with work still going on in and outside of the multi million pound mansion we navigated around the interiors that Hartwood joinery had installed the bespoke furniture. The areas that had been commissioned were a vast wine cellar in the basement, gym, cinema room, study and wardrobes in the bedrooms. One of the largest areas was the wine cellar, this not only had vast storage for red wines but also a refrigerated area for storing red and white wines at the optimum temperatures. As the house was still being worked upon we had to work quickly and also to make sure the areas for photograph were clear to get some nice wide angle interior images, these will be used by Hartwood Joinery for their online portfolio and other marketing purposes.

The majority of the wider photos were taken with the 14-24m lens on the full frame Nikon D4S, at the wider end of the 14mm lens this allowed me to cover each room showing off the furniture that David's team had designed, built and installed. For the close up photos the 24-70mm lens was used, it allows great scope for close ups and also wide open at 2.8 makes for some nice abstract imagery.
BLOG 2016