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As well as Julia and Mary from the University of Kent participants also included members of the public, as the walk was for Save the Children the Cathedral gave a blessing to set the walkers on there way. The Via Francigena (The French Way), which formed the first ‘information superhighway’ from Britain to Rome, is known in Kent as the North Downs Way as it stretches from Canterbury through Patrixbourne, Womenswold and Shepherdswell to Dover.

In 2015, Julia Peters walked the entire 1200 mile route while conducting research for Ray Laurence, Professor of Roman History and Archaeology, on mobility in the Roman Empire. In keeping with the knowledge sharing tradition of the route, she departed from the University’s Canterbury campus and arrived at its specialist postgraduate centre in Rome 79 days later.

The Dover to Canterbury walk has been organised with the support of the University’s Department of Classics and Archaeology, Centre for Early Christianity and its Reception, and the Centre for Heritage. The photography brief was to capture the participants as they left from the historic precincts of Canterbury Cathedral, the kay image was with the University of Kent banner with all of the people involved behind the huge banner. The images will be used for social media and the University news page along with press releases to the local newspapers.
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