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I had arranged for model Sonia to arrive at the offices shortly after I met up with Peter, this gave me a chance to have a chat with him and to run through the mornings photography training one to one. In terms of camera kit he had a new Canon 7D, 24-70m 2.8 lens and every photographers favourite lens an 50mm prime. We used a try grip Lastolite reflector, this is an inexpensive piece of kit and essential for bringing portraits to lie, especially with todays bright sunshine. We took it in turns to photograph Sonia, this gave me an idea of Peter's compositional skills and also technical know how.

We used a variety of locations, these included the interior areas of the Innovation Centre and outside, some against the modern business building in the shade, and then opposite in to the large expanse of filed and woodlands where the sun was backlighting the model, perfect for bouncing some fill light on to the subject for well lit portraits. I also encouraged Peter to use the focusing points on his camera for compositional and sharpness in the models eyes, always the main point when viewing images. Looking forward to working with Peter this Sunday at Brooklands for the group fashion photography workshop, still one place available, full details can be found under the training section of the website.
BLOG 2016