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The previous shoots at St Albans school were based around the grounds and the historic buildings architecture, today was based on the students and the resources that Bell has to offer to potential clients. The morning session was based around accommodation, classrooms and student life around the school. The afternoon session covered a wider range of activities outside of the classroom, these included archery and drama. The focus is always on student interaction and fun during the day, providing a snapshot of what the students can expect.

Apart from a small selection all photos were taken using natural light, two cameras with the 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses covered all angles and worked for wider classroom shots and tighter cropped images of the students at work and play. The photographs will be used in Bell's promotional marketing material and will go out to agents across the world as well to sell the courses that Bell has to offer. The end of the day was completed by an awards ceremony where teachers from each department awarded certificates to the highest achievers.
BLOG 2016