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If you were to do a 1000 mile round road trip to Wales and its surrounding areas I can't think a better car then the Range Rover Sport Autobiography to do it in, the 4.4 V8 litre diesel engine coupled with the eight speed ZF gearbox provides a relaxing drive but with plenty of torque when you need it. This model had all of the luxury you could ask for, air cooled leather seats, blind spot monitoring, panoramic roof, Meridian hi-fi with surround sound and cameras for parking this 2.5 tonne beast. You would think that with such a large engine the fuel economy would suffer, not so with an average of 33 mpg it was superb.

The trip was a family celebration with four of us on boated, two large suitcases and the Fuji 100S camera, remember this is a holiday so a compact camera was the tool for the job, this camera never disappoints and provided great depth and clarity from its 16 MP sensor. We stayed at the beautiful setting of Slebech park, surrounded in 650 acres of land with a large lake and plenty of picturesque settings for the Sport to be photographed against.

We went to Portmeirion, famous for the Prisoner TV series, on the way we went through part of Snowdonia national park which again was an idea setting for the Range Rover. The car was at home on open roads, put it in to Dynamic mode and it sits a bit more squat to the road and gives you a firmer steering set up making it agile around the twisty and climbing Welsh roads. The Mariana black paintwork was at its best when the early morning sun was shining against it, picking out the deep blue sparkles hidden in the paintwork. Combined with a perfect journey to and from Slebach Park the Sport was the perfect combination and really does set the bar very high for Audi, BMW and Porsche to follow, be interesting to see how Jaguar's new F Pace competes against the and Rover group of models when it is out later this month.
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