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Shepherd Neame is the brewer under licence for Asahi beer in the UK, it blends in well with the breweries mix of ales and other products. The photography over a couple of sessions at the brewery was to create a variety of product images that can be used for website and social media use. I took a variety of equipment with me to cover the Asahi beer photography, this included the Profoto B1 flash, tripod, SB-910 Speed light, two cameras, 100mm macro, 24-70mm wide zoom, tripod, reflector and a spray bottle full of water, this would create droplets on the various sizes of beer.

The key to the photographs was using the macro lens, this allowed me to crop in tightly on the detailed areas of the bottles and glassware, the backdrop and floor of the brewery created a modern environment and gave me a variety of different lighting angles by using the large windows which were left of the camera. I also diffused the light coming through by using the large reflector to block the light coming through, in post production I did add a few filters, the top image is the red rising sun halo effect, adding a ray of light to the photo. I also left the original photos as the marketing team will add there own designs in house and also with the addition of text, this is why in places I had to leave negative space around the products.
BLOG 2016