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The 16th century inn, one of the oldest in Blackheath, began its life as a coaching stop on the old Roman road from London to Dover. Today, its proximity to the heath, with its many fairs, circuses and public events, make it a busy watering hole for tourists, office workers and residents alike. Shepherd Neame have now opened Todd's Wine Bar in the upstairs room offering a great selection of wines from around the world along with a good selection of premium spirits including an extensive variety of Whisky and Gins.

They are also serving a range of "tapas style" tasting menus where individual plates of food can be ordered to compliment customers choice of wine. The photography was to capture the early evening customers, this ranged from business people through to couples and regulars enjoying the ambience that Todd's wine bar creates, lighting was low so having to push the ISO coupled with the Sigma 50mm 1.4 art lens wasn't a problem due to the Nikon D4S and its dynamic range and great low light capability. The images will be used to promote the Crown Inn and the newly opened Todd's wine bar in Blackheath.
BLOG 2016