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The all wheel drive in the Jaguar F Type remains rear-wheel drive unless it decides the fronts need to lend a hand. This doesn’t only mean it cuts in when the rear loses traction, though - it’s a bit more intelligent than that, and can activate based on information coming back from various electronic sensors, so the fronts can lend a hand on the way out of corners. I have to admit driving a £95,000 car in the pouring rain, although AWD didn't make me want to test the system out. The car does feel more planted then the standard F Type, and as this was the 550 BHP 5 litre V8 thats a good thing! I have always preferred the 380 BHP 3 litre S supercharged as it felt more balanced, but with the AWD it feels more controlled. The soundtrack from the V8 is tremendous and at low revs it pops and bangs, especially in the side streets where it ricochets off all the buildings, you can turn the active exhaust off but why?

Although today was a car photography course I did make time either side of the session to take some images of the F Type, this continues the weekly theme of covering an automotive shoot every week. I used a mix of the Profoto B1 flash and natural light, this was mainly for the interior images. On the drive back I was in convoy with Steve's Lotus Evora 400, two stunning looking cars that were getting lots of attention. Sadly the next day I had to return the AWD F Type, for me this is possibly the best car I have ever driven, it feels composed, comfortable and on the way up returned 23 mpg, not bad for a car that can do 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. As ever a big thank you to Barrett's Jaguar in Canterbury for the loan of the car.
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