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The Maserati GT is a 2+2 sports car, the Italian styling mixed with the rasp of the 4.7 litre V8 engine is an evocative mix, I have special memories of this car as back in 2010 I travelled as a passenger with Simon and Toby from Monte Carlo to Canterbury after a super car trip that I was covering, not the most comfortable rear seats but the scenery, roads and note of hat terrific engine made it an epic drive back home.

The 2008 model produces 440 PS and still after all these years looks fantastic, especially in the pearlescent blue mixed with tan leather upholstery. As the sun was out I just added the Profoto B1 light to the opposite side, this balance the shaded areas and also lifts the alloys and chrome features on the car. I had plenty of space to move around then car in the grounds of the Manor which enabled me to use the 70-200mm telephoto lens, minimises reflections and also brings the car in to the frame as well.
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