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The attendees today were a mix of Canon and Nikon users which helped run through the controls a bit more easily and everybody was able to get hints and tips from each other. The courses main aim is to learn how to use the manual controls and take over from the automatic mode that is so often used with these sophisticated and clever cameras. We touched on RAW processing, exposure compensation and also using depth of field in various situations to over come problems that can arise. A practical session helped everybody understand the importance of aperture, depth of field and ISO controls. The mix of Broooklands museum and the Mercedes World centre next door with its modern architecture was ideal for a practical session where the photographers could put the mornings session to use in terms of using aperture and manual exposure controls. There was an added bonus of using panning techniques to catch some of the stunning Mercedes AMG GT and saloons in action around the skid pan of the test track.

The next Digital SLR photography course will take place on Sunday 14th August at Brooklands Museum. The beginners courses are priced at £150, they are great value and will provide you with an insight to what your digital camera is capable of. Gift vouchers are also available as well as one to one training, please contact me for options on these bespoke training days and also if you would like to register a place on the forthcoming courses.
BLOG 2016