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I had quiet an extensive brief to cover for the McBrides accountants budget conference photography this morning, in attendance were McBrides managing partners and making a guest appearance was James Brokenshire MP who is the minister for immigration. James' speech was focusing on the budget and then quiet extensively on the EU referendum, he have an honest and passionate dialogue on this important subject. McBrides had also set up a polling station so there clients could vote before and after the speeches to get a feel of how a cross section of people would be looking to vote.

In terms of the photography I had access to either side of the large conference room, moving through a corridor situated at the back of the room allowed me to capture images discretely. Two cameras as usual, the D4S with 24-70mm and D810 with the 70-200mm, the shutter noise on the larger memory camera is whisper quiet and is completely unobtrusive. Once the budget conference cane to an end I then had to get a selection of images over to the PR team for press releases and social media activity.
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