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The aim of todays app development conference was to showcase three companies who were successfully working in the industry, giving an insight to the students of how to start up and create and maintain a loyal customer base. Directors from local and International companies were each giving a talk about the application software on phones and computers and how they saw the future going in this challenging and ever changing market.

The photography was to capture the event and the engagement between the students and company Directors, local company Etchapps were on hand with advice as Gavyn McKenzie was at the University of Kent as a student so could give real inspiration to the students. Paul Swaddle from Pocketapp has grown his company since the very start of the application market and now has offices in Europe, Asia and the United States. The majority of the conference photography was taken with the 70-200mm telephoto zoom, with an aperture of F2.8 it works so well in these conditions, especially with the busy foyer at lunchtime when students were networking. The images will be used across the University to promote this an future events.
BLOG 2016