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There were plenty of new and current cars on show at Geneva, the most anticipated car was the Bugatti Chiron, a 1480 horse power hyper car, 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and a worthy successor to the decade old Veyron. The car looks a lot sleeker and with the duo tone paintwork will have a death of colour options available to its customers. Another car that almost stole the limelight form the Chiron was the Lamborghini Centenario which celebrates the Italian supercars 100th anniversary. It will be produced in a limited run, produces 759 horse power and sell for jus under $2 million. The UK had the hotly anticipated Aston Martin DB11 to shout about, the DB9 has been around for many years and a favourite of 007's, with the new car they have gone for a more angular styling, the iconic front remains much the same but to my eyes it doesn't flow as well, the DB10 which was a one off for Spectre would have been my chosen design, especially with the perforated bonnet.

Other highlights were the new Porsche 718 Boxster, BMW M2 which i'm sure will be heralded as one of the true M classic sports cars and a great display of future designs on the Citroen stand. The show is always busy, with flight times from the UK of just over an hour and being based at Geneva airport it couldn't be easier to get to. The best bet is to view the show mid afternoon to early evening as the crowds thin out and you have good access to all of the stands, the majority of cars you can sit in and have a real feel for the comfort of them, the BMW 760 L was a particular favourite, massage least should be a standard fit in all cars.

In terms of camera kit I took the Nikon D810 without battery grip and a prime 50mm 1.4 Sigma lens. the wide aperture allowed me to just concentrate on the main car and soften the background with people and other distractions. Most of the apertures were between 1.8 and 5.6, depending on whether they were front or side profiles, three quarter shots were at the more detailed F5.6 end. The portability of the camera without additional grip made it perfect for hand luggage and also using in among the crowds.
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