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I had visited the school a few years back for Canterbury Christ Church University, the brief was very similar and to capture the teaching students in each of there classes with pupils. The images will be used for a variety of purposes to promote the University course so had to show a broad range of classroom activities, also showing the students working with individual and groups in lessons. I also covered portraits of students and pupils at the school, a cold but sunny Winters day provided good natural light, indoors and outdoors for the school photography.

The photographs will be used across a variety of marketing material, online and also for brochures and leaflets which will have quiet a long life span. Working with the Nikon D4S, D810 combined with 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses works perfectly for the variety that is need to cover the school photography, having used the Nikon's for six months now the big difference over the Canon equipment is the natural skin tones which hardly need any adjustment of the RAW files in post production.
BLOG 2016