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The BMW M5 has everything you could want in a large, spacious and comfortable saloon. It has often been heralded as the ultimate car as it not only can accommodate the average family for long stretches of motorway on the continent but it also has bags of performance, this 2001 E39 model which was registered in 2001 would have been rivalling the supercars of the day, with a 4.9 litre engine producing 394 bhp through the rear wheels it gets from 0-60 in 5.3 seconds, fuel economy at 19 mpg isn't the cars biggest selling point though! The M5 is finished in pearlescent Le Mans blue paintwork and although fifteen years old is in great condition.

The location for the used car photography was just outside of Canterbury around some country lanes and a local car park, a fresh sunny Winters day provided some deep blue skies and the neutral setting of the location worked perfectly so that the car could stand out and not be distracted with busy backdrops. The car has just gone win sale for £14,495 and can be found on Pistonheads, or phone Mike on 07021512004

If you are looking to sell a used car then please contact me concerning the photography, in a world where most adverts are taken by iPhones and iPads professional quality photographs really can make your car stand out.
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