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The Asahi event was set up to promote the three metre high booth which has been constructed from more than 1500 metal rings to form the shape of a pint glass sitting on a beer coater. The all night event was amigo success and had plenty of guests drinking the range of Asahi beer which is brewed under licence in the UK by Kent based brewery Shepherd Neame.

The brief for the photography was to capture the event and atmosphere of the evening, showing people enjoying Asahi and catching up with new and old friends. The location of the Old Truman Brewery is full of street art and large scale sculptures around the streets, with the Asahi brand catching a younger audience it fitted right in with the guests invited. In terms of photography I used the 24-70mm and sublime Sigma 50mm F1.4 prime lens on two cameras to document the event in London. For the majority I stuck with the 50mm attached to the D4S, lighting wasn't great which is where the wide open aperture of the Sigma comes in to full effect, creating atmospheric candids from the evening.
BLOG 2016