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Sue has been a regular artist at the Catto over the years, and has a loyal and growing army of collectors. Over the decades Sue has travelled and worked extensively in the Middle and Far East, and the influence of her wanderings is immediately apparent from a glance at her work, which often features textiles and objects picked up from the souks and flea markets of these exotic destinations.

The portraits had to reflect the vibrance of Sue's work, along with paintings she also creates vases and other decorative pieces. I used a mix of natural light and some artificial light with the Profit B1 flash, this has the benefit of bringing loads of detail out in the image. Lens wise the 24-70mm 2.8 was used, paired with the D810 this produces percent skin tones and detailed portraits. A key feature of the images set by the gallery was that Sue had to be a part of the image as they wanted to fit in with the banner size on the website, using the wide zoom gave me scope to move in and out of the frame to create some space around the subject.
BLOG 2016